Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A very special announcement

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Holistic Blends, Inc. is partnering up with the world-renowned Dr. John P. Salerno of the Salerno Center for Complementary Medicine in Manhattan, NY to create an online alliance of outstanding products from experts dedicated to helping to create healthier lives through holistic measures.

Before I tell you about the exciting changes this will mean for you, let me tell you about Dr. Salerno so you can get to know him a bit through me:

Meet Dr. Salerno
Dr. John Salerno is a traditionally trained physician who also embraces and acknowledges alternative and holistic protocols—I like to call him “the best of both worlds.”  He specializes in the areas of anti-aging, autoimmune disorders, autism, digestive problems, mental health and reproductive health.

He is a best-selling author, having developed and published The Silver Cloud Diet, a three-step approach to healthy eating based on organic, unprocessed foods, low carbohydrate intake and targeted supplement protocols.  His other books, The Salerno Solution: An Ounce of Prevention, A Lifetime of Health and Fight Fat With Fat, have helped thousands prevent disease and restore health. 
He is also featured in all of Suzanne Somers’ anti-aging books including Ageless, Breakthrough, and Knockout for his extensive knowledge in the field of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT).

Dr. Salerno is also someone who gives of his time and expertise for the good of the community and mankind.  After the terrorist bombings of September 11, 2001, he served as the Medical Director for the World Trade Center Landfill, a position that earned him a commendation from then-mayor Rudy Giuliani.  

In his private medical practice, Dr. Salerno’s approach embraces the whole person – mind, body, and spirit – treating the entire person rather than just symptoms.  A visit with Dr. Salerno is not rush in, rush out—he takes his time, answers all of your questions and concerns and most importantly, listens to you.  When you meet with Dr. Salerno, you truly feel like you are dealing with a caring friend.

Now on HolisticBlends.com—Dr. Salerno’s products!
I’m very excited to announce that Holistic Blends is now featuring Dr. Salerno’s nutritional supplement products in addition to our own Blue Rock Holistics™ products that you know and love.
Here is the initial series of products that we are now offering:

Dr. Salerno’s Vitamin D-K Factor is a highly innovative product that combines the well-documented bone support of vitamin D with the unique special assistance of vitamin K.  Vitamin D works to regulate the level of calcium in your blood and therefore encourages healthy bones.  In addition, vitamin K is needed for osteocalcin (an important bone-building protein) to bind with calcium so it can be utilized by your bones.

Learn more about Vitamin D-K Factor here: 

Dr. Salerno’s Cardio Factor is a special blend of vitamins and nutrients that provides support for proper cardiovascular function and promotes the health of the circulatory system.  Heart disease continues to be our number one killer, so nutritionally supporting the health of your cardiovascular system with Dr. Salerno’s Cardio Factor can go a long way in helping to you to minimize your risk of this condition.

Check out Cardio Factor here: 

Dr. Salerno’s Allergy Factor engages the power of immune-supportive nutrients and herbs to naturally help address the overzealous immune process associated with most allergies, as well as ease many common allergy symptoms.

Read all the product details here for Allergy Factor: 
Dr. Salerno’s Adrenal Factor is a special blend of vitamins and herbs that provides adrenal support for fatigue, stress and a host of other telltale signs of low adrenal function.

See how Adrenal Factor can help you here: 

Plus more products are soon to follow and we will announce when they are available!

More ways to help you!
We at Holistic Blends are very honored to work with such a respected expert as Dr. Salerno, and we are thrilled to be able to offer his outstanding products to help you reach your health goals!

Check out Dr. Salerno’s products here: 

To your health,

Sherry Brescia

PS: Always be sure to let your doctor or healthcare provider know what supplements you are taking.

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