Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fall allergies got you down? Get relief now

If you’re one of the 60 million people in the US that suffers from allergies, chances are excellent that you recently have been or soon will be greeted with that familiar runny nose, itchy watery eyes, sneezing and congestion.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Because there are several safe, natural and very effective ways to get relief besides resorting to antihistamines and steroids (and all the side effects that go along with them).

Here are 10 things that can make a big difference in how you feel:

1- Probiotics
Probiotics can be very helpful in combatting both seasonal and year-round allergies for two reasons.

First, probiotics can manufacture enzymes to help your body break down allergens before they have an opportunity to taunt your immune system, so your allergy can actually get addressed at a root cause, and you can feel a lot better!

They also help beef up your friendly gut flora (where most of your immune system is) which in turn can help sharpen your immune function and aim to reduce the “over-reaction” your body produces with allergies.

And for a high quality multi-strain formula that’s up to the allergy challenge, Super Shield is your ticket.

Super Shield's 13 strains of potent, well-studied bacteria can help support proper immune reactions, and help your body effectively break down all of the substances you ingest—both food and allergens.

2- Acupuncture
Many allergy sufferers have reported tremendous relief from their symptoms with acupuncture. 

This is likely due to the fact that acupuncture helps balance the energy flow through your body, and that includes your immune system.

3- Avoid wool and polyester clothing
Fabrics like wool can trap allergens like dust, pollen and animal dander.  So each time you wear your favorite wool sweater or jacket between dry cleanings, you can be setting off your allergies and not even know it.

Plus synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon can create an electrical charge which can attract dust and pollen.

During high allergy time, stick to machine washable fabrics like cotton, and be sure to wash your clothes after each wearing.  Also, use cotton sheets on your bed and launder them in hot water.  

4- Saline rinses and sprays
Salt water is very effective at removing allergens from your nasal cavity and loosening mucus. 

Neti pots are becoming very popular, but many people still swear by good old-fashioned saline nasal sprays.

5- Opt for disposable contacts or glasses
Contact lenses can cause dust, pollen and other allergens to be trapped in your eyes, which can clang your allergy alarm. 

Soft contacts are especially guilty, since they are more permeable than hard lenses and allow substances to seep through. 

So if you’re a contact lens wearer, try to wear your glasses on bad allergy days or invest in some daily wear disposable lenses during your tougher times.

6- Curb your cocktails
Some people are very sensitive to the sulfites in red wine and beer—so if you have found your allergies are worse in the morning when you’ve had alcohol the night before, that may be why.

Plus many wines are aged in oak barrels—so if you know you are sensitive to oak, seek out wine varieties that are specifically labeled “unoaked.”

7- Local honey
If you have pollen allergies, the theory behind this idea is that eating honey produced by bees in your local area can help relieve allergies because the bees transfer pollen from the local plants to their honey…so you can become “desensitized” by eating a little of the honey every day. 

While studies don’t support the effectiveness of local honey for allergies, some people have sworn by it. 

My opinion?  If you use honey in your tea or cooking anyway, give it a shot.  It certainly can’t hurt and you’ll be supporting local merchants if nothing else. 

8- Spice it up!
Spicy foods like chili peppers, Dijon mustard, fresh garlic, onions and horseradish can have a decongestant effect.

Plus they are alkalinizing to your body which can support its cleansing and detox efforts.

If you need some ideas for yummy dishes featuring these healthful spicy foods, check out Great Taste No Pain.

9- Take a shower
Just like clothing, your skin and hair can also trap pollen, dust and other allergens—and they can taunt your body while you sleep and practically guarantee you’ll be stuffed up in the morning. 

Try bathing or showering in the evening instead of the morning, or at least wash your face and hands and brush your hair before bed.

10- Chill out
Stress can destroy your friendly gut flora and fuel inflammatory responses in your body.

That’s why when you’re under stress you may find yourself getting one sickness after another or suffering digestive problems or having chronic headaches.  Your immune system is challenged and inflammation is on the warpath inside of you.
It’s also why many people seem to have allergy flare-ups during stress.

So clearly it’s essential to your health from head to toe to do all you can de-stress.
Allergies continue to cause untold misery for millions...

But that doesn't have to include you any longer!

Because when you take natural measures to help your body tackle the challenges of allergies, chances are excellent you might see YOUR symptoms greatly subside or possibly diminish altogether.

Wouldn't THAT be nice?

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