Thursday, May 21, 2015

Do you use the toilet correctly?

Here in the US we are by far the leaders of the free world when it comes to gut issues.

About one out of every four of us is blocked up, gassy and bloated on a fairly regular basis.

And although there are many reasons for that, a new potential cause of “toilet turmoil” has been proposed by German microbiologist Giulia Enders.

We’re using the toilet incorrectly!

Who knew?

Here is what Enders has to say about our typical potty habits, as well as other causes of bathroom blues and how to promote better BMs.

Thou shalt not sit
The problem with our bathroom practices is all in the position—according to Enders, we should be squatting to have a BM and not sitting like we typically do.

She contends that the musculature around the rectum is curved when sitting and thus prevents the proper passage of stool.  But when you’re squatting, that opens up and straightens out the rectal muscles and allows for more “complete evacuation.”

Now I know you may be wondering how on earth you could balance yourself on your toilet seat in order to achieve the proper squatting position.  That could make for some interesting cases in emergency rooms across the country.

Never fear—according to Enders, all you need to do is place a small stool (no pun intended) in front of the toilet, sit down like you always do, and put your feet on the stool.


I personally have not tested Enders’ theory, but if you have trouble with constipation or other forms of irregular bowel movements, why not grab a little stool (or stack of books) and try it out!  

Physiologically, the idea does have merit.

Other ways to create easier BMs
For people who regularly experience trouble with bowel movements, common suggestions are getting more fiber, drinking more water and exercising.

While these can be VERY helpful, for many people they may not be enough.

That’s because by just getting fiber, drinking water and exercising, two of the biggest underlying factors behind anything-but-normal BMs are still not being addressed—namely poor digestion and unhealthy intestinal flora.

When the digestive process isn't carried out like it should be, the “end result” won’t be what it should be either…plus without efficient digestion you may be prone to poor nutrient absorption and the resulting health challenges of nutrient deficiencies to boot.

And since your friendly intestinal flora helps to break down starches and fibers, it plays a big role in how successful your BMs are too!

The one-two solution for problem BMs
The perfect one-two solution to tackle the biggest underlying causes of problem BMs is to:
  1. Structure your meals so they are less taxing and easier for your system to break down and
  2. Help to repopulate your intestinal tract with helpful bacteria

The Great Taste No Pain and Great Taste No Gluten health systems will guide you on how to pair foods together in your meals to help encourage better, more efficient digestion.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised how a few easy tweaks to your meals can make such a huge difference.

And the recipe sections in both systems are loaded with delicious dishes, many of which feature high-fiber, good-for-you foods which will also help ease your toilet troubles.

And as far as helping to beef up your supply of friendly intestinal bacteria, Super Shield multi-strain probiotic is a superstar!

Super Shield contains 13 potent, feisty strains of beneficial bacteria, including Bifidobacteria lactis which has been shown in studies to help ease constipation.

Not only will a healthy flora balance help keep your BMs running more smoothly, but it can also help support your immune system and ease gas and bloating too!

Now is the perfect time to try Great Taste No Pain, Great Taste No Gluten and/or Super Shield, because they are all 15% off as part of our Memorial Day sale!

When you naturally help your body accomplish the digestive process and promote a healthy gut environment, that can help ensure a much easier time when Nature calls for you!

See for yourself what a difference it can make.

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