Friday, May 8, 2015

Ways to Exercise Without Realizing It

Exercising can sometimes feel like such a chore. Finding the motivation to get up and go running or go spend an hour on an elliptical proves to be very difficult for many. While regular cardio and traditional gym routines are great for your body and weight loss, you can still get in some exercise even on the days you can’t make it to the gym. That’s because you may be burning calories through your daily tasks and routines.

When you are moving in any way, fast or slow, you are burning calories. There’s a misconception that in order for any activity to be beneficial you must break a sweat. Sweating is great for you, but it isn’t a necessity to burn calories. Here are a few common activities that you most likely do that add to your calorie burning tally without you realizing it.

Sometimes it’s hard to fit everything you need to do into your busy schedule. Cleaning and exercise are tasks we often push back when time is tight, but they don’t have to be! Combine the two when you sweep, mop, and dust your home. With every hour that you clean, you’ll burn 153 calories and kill two birds with one stone.

Rely less on technology for communication 
With many of us constantly on our computers and using technology at work, it’s a lot easier to just send your co-worker an e-mail or instant message rather than to get up to talk to them. Make that extra trek across the office to see them and you’ll sneak in more steps per day. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, too.

It may be hard to believe but standing is actually a mini workout. You burn 36 more calories an hour standing than you do while sitting down. Stand in any situation you can (such as when talking on the phone) and even inquire about switching to a standing desk at your work place to add extra movement to your day.

Washing your car
As fun as going through the drive-thru car wash may be, you’re not getting any physical activity from it. Fill up your bucket with soap and water and wash your car yourself now and then. You’ll burn 135 calories per half hour and get to enjoy the weather on a nice day.

Taking the bus
If you live in a city that is commuter friendly, try taking the bus or train instead of driving to work every day. You’ll burn calories walking to and from the office to your stop and save money on gas.

Grocery Shopping
Grab your grocery list and put on a pair of sneakers. Believe it or not grocery shopping, and shopping in general, can be exercise. Going down the aisles and grabbing things you need lets you burn 105 calories in a half hour.

Yard Work
Going outside and getting fresh air and can be great for your health. Instead of having a greens keeper tend to your flowers, grass and weeds, considering doing it yourself. Gardening burns an average of 130 calories per hour and mowing your lawn can give you a 165 calorie half hour workout.

Yes you read that correctly. When you are lying in bed asleep you burn 19 calories per half hour. This may have just given you another reason to sleep in!

The next time you feel guilty about skipping out on the gym, just remember that you are burning calories with daily activities. Consider adding more tasks to your day where you are on your feet to get the most exercise with the least amount of effort. What extra tasks do you include in your daily routine to burn calories? Let us know in the comments below!


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  2. Not sure if this fits elsewhere – but in order to make food non to low-processed, eat more raw, etc. I would like to add being in the kitchen; washing, chopping, slicing, & preparing and cleaning up from making vegetables and fruit from scratch – back-and-forth to each task from refrigerator to Vitamix to sink, etc. It too usually takes four hours a day for me. Not sure how many calories are burned though.


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