Tuesday, June 23, 2015

6 Steps to diabetes (& 5 ways to stop it)

Contrary to popular belief, rarely does a person wake up one day and ZAP! They suddenly get a disease.

Even though getting “the news” that you have a disease can be shocking, trust me, it’s no surprise to your body.  Disease is created over time, and one disease that has a very definitive development path is Type 2 diabetes.

Let’s take a look at the six steps to diabetes, as well as five ways you can help stop it.

The six steps to diabetes
Here are the six steps that will lead you from normal metabolism and blood sugar levels to full-blown Type 2 diabetes:

Step 1-Insulin resistance
The typical foods in the Standard American Diet are highly processed refined carbs which turn to sugar upon digestion and flood your bloodstream with glucose. 

And many people are taking in excessive amounts of refined carbs, causing the pancreas to have to repeatedly secrete insulin. 

Eventually the cells become like a soaked sponge—they can’t absorb any more glucose so they turn off their receptors for insulin—known as insulin resistance.

So if your four food groups are pasta, bread, chips and cookies and your beverage of choice is soda, you may have insulin resistance in the making.

Step 2- Insulin resistance with hyperinsulinism
Once insulin resistance hits, the insulin the pancreas produces isn’t as effective anymore. 

So it must release MORE insulin and you may be facing elevated glucose AND elevated insulin.
At this point you start to experience your blood sugar level starting to roller coaster after eating—with spikes followed by drops. 

If you eat lots of refined carbs and get jittery when you haven’t eaten for a while, insulin resistance with hyperinsulinism may be brewing.

Step 3-Insulin resistance, hyperinsulinism and low blood sugar
As time goes on and your blood levels of insulin and glucose are consistently high, the roller coaster in your blood sugar level will become more dramatic.

Your pancreas takes even longer to produce insulin after you eat and your blood sugar level skyrockets.  When it eventually kicks in, your blood sugar plummets. 

This is called reactive hypoglycemia and if you’re noticing any of these symptoms, it may be a concern for you:
  • Weight gain
  • Sugar cravings
  • Intense hunger
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Feeling anxious or panicky
  • Lacking focus or motivation
  • Fatigue

Step 4- Prediabetes
Eventually your blood sugar roller coaster will cause your sugar level to start peaking above the normal range and you will reach prediabetes.

You may experience sleepiness a couple of hours after a carbohydrate meal, along with the symptoms of hypoglycemia I mentioned above. 

Step 5- Type 2 diabetes with insulin resistance and high insulin production
In this stage your blood sugar level becomes more frequently elevated.  Your pancreas is still producing insulin, but it’s getting slower and slower.  This creates dangerously high glucose levels after eating.

Step 6- Type 2 diabetes with little or no insulin production
At this stage the pancreas is exhausted—its beta cells become dysfunctional and can no longer produce adequate insulin or any at all. 

Your blood sugar levels are more consistently high for longer periods of time—even after fasting.

Symptoms can include:
  • Increased thirst 
  • Increased hunger
  • Frequent urination
  • Weight gain
  • Blurred vision

Change your path—it’s never too late!
No matter what step of Type 2 diabetes you may have reached, the condition is very preventable, and there is a whole LOT you can do to help keep it under control and even turn it around!

Here are five effective strategies that can make a HUGE difference in your blood sugar level:

1- Eat for diabetes prevention and control
Real foods such as legumes, fatty fish, onions, tomatoes and whole grains have been shown to be very helpful in preventing and controlling diabetes.

Plus having sound digestion means better elimination of acid wastes and a healthier pH.  This is especially important to diabetics and pre-diabetics, since your pancreas is VERY sensitive to pH. 
The Great Taste No Pain system will guide you all the way in this crucial step.

The Great Taste No Pain recipes feature loads of easy, delicious dishes featuring nourishing real foods, including the diabetes-fighting foods I mentioned above.

Plus Great Taste No Pain shows you how to put together meals that not only taste spectacular but can be more easily digested!

2- Consider supplementing with helpful nutrients
The following nutrients have been shown to be helpful with blood sugar control.  (Be sure to let your doctor know what supplements you are taking.)
  • Coenzyme Q-10: CoQ10 plays an important role in energy production in your body.  Usual doses are 100-300 mg per day.
  • Alpha lipoic acid: This antioxidant assists your body in using glucose, and neutralizes free radicals in your body that are involved in insulin resistance.  Recommended doses are 600 – 1,000 mg a day.
  • Magnesium: Magnesium helps lower blood glucose levels and increases insulin sensitivity.  Doses are 500 – 750 mg each day. 

3- Consider supplementing with Omega-3 EFAs
Omega-3 EFAs provide crucial support to your metabolism including maintaining proper insulin levels.

And for a high-quality, Omega-3 fish oil supplement, VitalMega-3 is just what you need.

Each 2 capsule a day serving provides 2,000 mg of pure, top-quality fish oil including 1,000 mg of EPA and DHA (the very necessary Omega-3 fatty acids) in the 3:2 ratio recommended by most experts.

4- Get regular exercise
Exercise helps you lose weight and increases the ratio of muscle to fat in your body.  The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism, which in turn helps you burn more glucose. 

In addition, the more muscle you have, the more responsive your body is to insulin!
Get your doctor’s OK and get moving.

5- Support your immune system
Colds, flu and infections can send your blood glucose soaring through the roof, and your best protection against sickness is to have a strong and sharp immune system

Super Shield multi-strain probiotic formula is as good as it gets for beefing up your population of friendly, helpful bacteria that will help encourage strong immune function.

Two of the powerhouse strains in Super Shield probiotic formula, Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus acidophilus, have been shown to be extremely effective in fighting many dangerous microbes that may be lurking inside of you.

And Super Shield’s other 11 strains each have their own unique specialty in terms of helping with digestion and enhancing immune function.

If you’re on the path to diabetes, you can help turn that around now.

By giving your body the proper support, you are making tremendous strides toward keeping diabetes (and many other diseases!) far away from you.


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