Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A sneaky cause of common health issues

If you went to the doctor and reported having trouble sleeping, you’d probably walk out with a prescription for sleeping pills.

Or if you mentioned feeling very anxious or emotional, you may get an antidepressant or anti-anxiety drug.

And if you complained about getting one bug after another, antibiotics would most assuredly be in your future.

But sadly, there is a common underlying cause for ALL of these health issues (and many more) that NONE of the prescription drugs in the world can touch—as a matter of fact, in many cases they make things worse.

I’m talking about hormonal imbalances.

The ultimate power

When people hear the word hormones, images of menopausal women with hot flashes frequently come to mind.
But that’s just a drop in the hormone bucket!

There have actually been over 200 hormones identified so far, and they control pretty much ALL of your body’s processes.  For example:
  • Your digestion takes place because hormones trigger your digestive organs to secrete enzymes.
  • Your metabolism is hopefully up and running (or so I would assume if you’re reading this) because your thyroid is cranking out hormones that affect every single cell in your body.
  • Your ability to deal with an emergency situation is dependent on hormones secreted by your adrenal glands.
  • If you do not suffer from diabetes that’s because your pancreas is secreting adequate insulin.
  • And if you sleep like a baby at night it’s because your pineal gland is making sure you have enough melatonin.
Why are our hormones so messed up?

Now more than any other time in our existence, people are suffering from hormonal imbalances, and at younger ages too.  Instead of affecting people in their 50s and 60s we’re seeing them in our 20s and 30s.

There are many factors that can cause hormonal imbalances and they can include:
  • Chemicals like BPAs, BHC, PCBs, etc. that are abundant in our environment
  • Hormones injected into the animals raised for our food supply, which in turn make their way into your body
  • All forms of stress—physical, mental, external and internal—contribute to hormonal imbalances, and ours is a very stressed-out society
  • Prescription drugs—especially antibiotics, birth control pills and statins
  • Liver malfunction—because the liver is responsible for clearing old worn-out hormones from your body, as well as manufacturing cholesterol to make your reproductive hormones
But the most prevalent cause of endocrine disruption is something that is very common is our society today…
Poor digestion!

Here’s how:

How poor digestion leads to messed-up hormones
When most people think of poor digestion, they think heartburn, gas, bloating and constipation.
That’s true, but there’s much more going on behind the scenes.

When your digestion isn’t going along so well, your system’s ability to assimilate and absorb nutrients from your foods is greatly impaired.  Since your body needs nutrients to make hormones, inadequate digestion can cause hormonal imbalances!

In addition, poor digestion can result in chronic constipation, which in turn can mean that old hormones your body is trying to eliminate with your bowel movements instead can be reabsorbed into circulation, creating imbalances and hyperstimulation.

Plus poor digestion creates an intestinal environment that favors harmful bacteria.  This can eventually cause the gut wall to become leaky and allow the passage of even more old hormones as well as microbes and food particles into the bloodstream.  This stirs up inflammation and puts even more stress on the liver to filter everything out.

Good digestion is where it’s at!
Good digestion is important for SO many reasons—and now you can add supporting healthy hormone levels on to the list!

To help keep your digestion in tip-top shape it’s a matter of what you eat and giving your body the help it needs.
The Great Taste No Pain and Great Taste No Gluten health systems can guide you on making healthy choices and pairing the right foods together for improved digestion.  Plus each system has a recipe section jam-packed with delicious, easy recipes that you will love.

Super Shield multi-strain probiotic formula can help bring your intestinal environment into a more optimal balance by repopulating your supply of friendly, helpful bacteria.  Not only can this help ease constipation and encourage more regular bowel movements, but it can also support strong immune function too!

And Digestizol Max digestive enzyme formula can help pinch-hit where your body may be running low in its ability to produce adequate enzymes.  This especially applies to the elderly, people who have taken acid reducers, junk food junkies and people who have had GI surgery (especially gallbladder removal).
Sound digestion is the key to better overall health—and that includes proper hormone levels.

Do all you can to encourage better digestion and reap the benefits from head to toe!

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