Monday, October 26, 2015

We’ve got to change this before it’s too late

I recently went to an Urgent Care facility because, as much as I hate to admit it, I broke a toe fighting in karate.

After taking my vitals, the nurse asked me what medications I’m on.  When I said, “None” she stared at me in disbelief.

She shook her head and said, “I don’t often see a 53 year-old that’s not on some type of medication.”
After I left with my toe taped up, my conversation with that nurse got me thinking about a much bigger issue…

The shift of modern medicine
Over the last 100 years or so there has been a dramatic shift in our position with respect to sickness and disease and our treatment methods.

From ancient times up through the early 1900’s, the approach of medicine was intrinsic--meaning that disease was seen as the result of a type of imbalance or struggle within the body. 

Physicians believed that illness could be arrested or prevented by restoring balance within the body’s systems—in other words, assisting and supporting the body to work like it should.

Nutrients and herbs were often used, along with natural therapies such as acupuncture to alleviate pain and encourage healing.

Pharmaceuticals, although available, were typically used only when absolutely necessary and in cases where the imbalance in the body was too great to be resolved solely through natural measures.

Fast forward to now
Now?  We’ve done a complete 180.

Disease is now believed to be an extrinsic force that is not well understood, and the result of germs, genetic mutations or other extraneous influences, and must be suppressed or destroyed with medications and surgery. 

Nutrition is seen as having little importance or as an out and out waste of time in our medical schools, and our doctors typically take only one basic course in it.

Natural therapies like acupuncture and chiropractic that have helped countless people are viewed as quackery.

And the treatment of illness typically consists of medications to alleviate symptoms, while the underlying cause of the same frequently remains unaddressed or is said to be “unknown.”

But we’re better off, right?
While it can’t be disputed that drugs and surgeries have saved lives, let’s take a look at our current state of health in the US:
  • Seven out of 10 of us take are least one prescription medication each day, and one out of five takes at least two medications each day.
  • Many people are in what I call “medication cascade”—taking medications for one or more conditions, plus additional medications to alleviate the side effects of the original medications!
  • Half of all adults have one or more chronic conditions. 
  • Two out of three of us are overweight, and half of those are obese.
  • One-third of us have high blood pressure.
  • Seventy million Americans suffer from digestive disorders.
  • Heart disease went from being very rare in 1900 to killing more men than any other disease by 1950.
  • Chronic diseases are now affecting children as well as adults.
Sorry, but I don’t see a cause for celebration here.

So what’s the answer?
The answer here is: We need elements of BOTH schools of thought!

Medications and surgeries should be there to help WHEN NECESSARY but at the same time, we need to start focusing again on helping our bodies work right to begin with!

Dietary changes, improved lifestyle habits and natural therapies can go a long way in helping to not just cover up symptoms, but also to restore health.

For example, I’ve spoken to many people who were able to lower their blood pressure and discontinue their medication (with their doctor’s OK) simply by exercising, eating better and taking fish oil.

Others have been able to avoid back surgery by getting chiropractic care and physical therapy.
And still others have been able to stop acid reducers because after changing their diet and improving digestion, they didn’t suffer from acid reflux anymore!

Explore alternatives
I encourage you to explore natural alternatives and talk to your doctor about including them in your treatment regimen.

First and foremost, proper nutrition can go a LONG way in helping your body function like it’s supposed to…and here at Holistic Blends, we have some outstanding products to help in that department!

In the Great Taste No Pain system I can guide you on how to ENJOY a healthy diet and promote better digestion.

Plus our new Super Core multi-vitamin formula can help make sure your body’s nutritional needs are met, even if you don’t always eat like you should.

VitalMega-3 fish oil formula can help boost your body’s supply of anti-inflammatory Omega-3 essential fatty acids and help counteract high blood pressure, arthritis and inflammation of all kinds.

In addition, your gut is where it’s at in terms of health—70 percent of your immune system is in your gut, so that should give you a clue on how much it matters.  It’s been said that death begins in the colon and never has a truer statement been made.

But a quality probiotic like Super Shield can help support a healthier intestinal environment and sharper immune function.

Also, be sure to look into other therapies as needed like acupuncture, massage and chiropractic. 

Explore stress-reduction techniques if you’re chronically stressed and get counseling if necessary.

And of course, get regular exercise—you and your doctor can decide what’s right for you.  No more excuses.

Use them BOTH!

Put the best of both worlds together—old medicine and new—in helping to improve your health and overcome illness.

I’m sure you’ll see a difference and you’ll never regret it.


  1. I am on NO subscription medication..!! But I'm taking *Super Shield..*Super Core..*Digestizol-Max.. *Hydroxaden 25..and *Fish Oil..All this in ONE day..It just sounds 'Over Kill"..Should I eliminate any..? I am a 61 year old Female..
    Thank You..!

  2. I just turned 66 and have overcome fibromyalgia by diet, exercise and all natural supplements. I have not been sick in over 5 years since I started taking Super Shield. This year I wore my body out with lack of sleep and managed to get a cold which I fought off with Super Shield.
    I too take several natural vitamins and other supplements, some of which you mention. If it is overkill and keeps me fit and healthy, bring it on. Super Shield is better than co-pays and sick days!

  3. Hello Anonymous, I also have Fibromyalgia, and wondered what kind of diet and supplements you use to help?


    1. Sherry has written a blog with helpful information for people who suffer from Fibromyalgia. You can find it by going to and searching Fibromyalgia or with this link:

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