Friday, June 12, 2015

A growing health threat we can’t ignore

According to the CDC, two million Americans are infected with antibiotic-resistant bacteria each year, and at least 23,000 of them die as a result of those infections.

One organism alone—methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)—already kills more Americans each year than the combined total of emphysema, HIV/AIDS, Parkinson's disease, and homicide!

Now you may be wondering why this is happening.

Well, we definitely were careless with antibiotics, and our carelessness has come back to bite us.

Here’s what I mean:

The antibiotic craze
Antibiotics became a part of mainstream medicine in the early 1950’s and were truly the “wonder drug,” fighting infections and causing few side effects.

But then we started to become careless with them.

People began requesting them more often and they were prescribed in increasing numbers--even when an illness had not been tested and proven to be an infection.

At that time, the thinking was that, if the illness WAS an infection, antibiotics would be a good "head start" on treatment...and if not, they won't do any harm.

Well, we would later find out that’s not true. 

In addition, antibiotics began being used on a daily preventative basis for conditions like ear infections and acne. 

The antibiotic craze also extends beyond our pharmacies…because they’re also in our food supply—in meat and milk from antibiotic-treated cows, and farmed fish.

Agriculture accounts for about 80 percent of all antibiotics used in the US.  Over 25 million pounds of antibiotics are administered to livestock every year for purposes other than treating disease!

Antibiotics have the effect of making the animals grow larger, faster—and I’m sure you can gue$$ what that means.

But the antibiotic residue ends up in the meat and milk from these animals—and eventually inside of YOU.

So what’s the problem?
The initial problem that we noticed was, while antibiotics destroy the infection-causing bacteria in your body, they also destroy your friendly beneficial bacteria.

And since 70 percent of your immune system resides in your friendly gut flora, your ability to resist illness following a course of antibiotics plummets.

So that means you are more susceptible to infections or viruses…and when you do get sick again, it’s more antibiotics, of course!

This creates a vicious cycle of progressive immune system weakening and repeated illnesses.
Plus antibiotics are now implicated as an underlying cause of Crohn’s disease due to the harm they cause to your gut flora and intestinal lining.

The problem is getting deadly
The concerns with antibiotics are becoming deadly.

Because now we are seeing increasing species of bacteria that are resistant to them.

Bacteria are resourceful and extremely skilled at survival techniques—they have the ability to out-evolve other organisms that can destroy them.

Each time they come into contact with an antibiotic, they continue working to outsmart the drug.
And eventually they succeed.

Here’s an example of how:

Bacteria can develop a protective “shell” so that antibiotics can't invade their cell walls—or the drugs get pushed back out if they do.

And when those bacteria reproduce themselves, they can pass that drug-resisting trait down to the next generation, thereby creating a new “superbug” strain.

They share too
Bacteria can also share their drug-resisting ability with other species of bacteria, thereby exponentially increasing the chances of numerous superbugs.

Stuart Levy, MD, a professor at Tufts University School of Medicine recently said, "Over the past decade, bacteria have evolved the ability to accumulate multidrug resistances."

Plus people are passing on these bacteria to others in unimaginable ways.

For example, one recent study found that New York’s Hudson River contained bacteria that's resistant to two antibiotics (ampicillin and tetracycline) and it was linked to sewage.

In other words, people with these drug-resistant bacteria can “pass” them into the environment through their feces, which eventually gets into our waterways. 

The grim truth
Thus far, bacteria have found a way around every single antibiotic we’ve created, and we’re running out of answers.

23,000 people in the US die each year from antibiotic-resistant infections, and even more die from secondary complications.

Plus scientists have predicted that currently treatable infections like strep could become fatal in 10 years or less.

You can fight back—and WIN!
The glimmer of hope here is that you can fight back against infections and WIN!

First off, be smart.  Limit your exposure to people who are sick, particularly if they are running a high fever.  Wash your hands often, especially when out in public.

And most importantly, nurture the illness protection provided by Mother Nature. 


Here are three strategies to help sharpen your precious immune system:

1- Supplement with a multi-strain probiotic formula
In order to support a proper flora balance and a strong immune system, it's essential to supplement with a probiotic formula that can help repopulate your supply of friendly protective bacteria.

Super Shield probiotic formula and its 13 strains of top-quality friendly bacteria can help keep your intestinal flora in a more health-supporting balance.

Super Shield contains a variety of well-studied Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains, as well as a fiber called FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides) which is nourishment for those important, hard-working friendly microbes.

2- Engage the power of the right diet
In order to maintain healthy intestinal flora, you must get the nutrients your body desperately needs from REAL foods.

It’s also important to go organic whenever you can—to avoid antibiotic-tainted meat and milk.  Plus look for wild-caught fish varieties to avoid antibiotics in farmed fish. 

I can help you achieve your goal of a healthier gut (and love every bite of what you're eating) with the Great Taste No Pain system, or if you're gluten-challenged, Great Taste No Gluten.

Both Great Taste No Pain and Great Taste No Gluten show you what foods to eat and pair together to help encourage smooth digestion and more effective absorption of nutrients. 

Plus they're loaded with delicious ideas featuring probiotic-nourishing real foods that you'll absolutely LOVE--there are no bland or boring dishes in these recipe collections!

3- Keep stress under control
Chronic stress can damage your friendly flora and weaken your immune system.  That’s why you seem to get sick when you’re stressed—your body can’t fight off illnesses as well.

If you find you’re frequently stressed, it’s time to find ways to chill out.  Get help if you need it.

Although the threat of antibiotic-resistant bacteria is very scary, you are not defenseless.

The more you concentrate on strengthening the natural protection of your immune system, the less you will have to worry about illness finding a home in YOU!

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