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Dangers of detoxes and cleanses

People often ask me about cleansing and detoxing, and I always caution them to err on the side of conservative.

This sometimes causes confusion, especially because so many celebrities are touting various cleanses.

But there’s a lot more to cleansing than meets the eye.

Let’s look at exactly why slow but steady is the healthier way to go.

Your laborious liver
Your liver is your main organ of detoxification.

The liver has two levels of detoxification—Phase I and Phase II.   Phase I is where enzymes act on the toxins and break them apart into two or more harmless pieces.  (This is how caffeine is metabolized.)

Another Phase I strategy is to alter the toxin so it can be dissolved in water.  Then it can be filtered out by the kidneys and excreted in your urine. 

Or, your liver can attach the toxin to bile and send it to intestinal tract to be eliminated with your bowel movements.

Phase I sometimes results in what’s called bioactivation—when the end result of the enzyme action is not harmless but instead much MORE toxic than the original substance was! 

In this case, Phase II detoxification steps in.  

Phase II works by adding molecules to the toxin to and “handcuffing” it so it can be escorted out of your body with your urine or feces.  (Heavy metals are detoxed this way.)

The right conditions
In order for this impressive detox process to work efficiently, it must have the right conditions.

For starters, you must be properly hydrated for your kidneys to make enough urine.

Your liver has to be healthy—and that means staying away from recreational drugs, minimizing OTC and prescription drug use, and drinking alcohol in moderation. 

Getting adequate fiber is also key.  Fiber binds to toxins in your intestinal tract and helps escort them out.  If they aren’t properly eliminated, they can be reabsorbed into circulation.

This is especially dangerous when dealing with toxins that have been bioactivated like I described above.  At this point they’re far more toxic the second time around and can really threaten your health.

Last but not least, your digestion must be sound.  If your digestion is poor, you simply will not be able to eliminate toxins as well as you should. 

How detox products and cleanses can be dangerous
Here are some popular detox products and the dangers associated with each:

Liquid-only fasts
Many toxins like heavy metals and pesticides are fat-soluble and are stored in your fat cells. 

So when you abstain from food during a liquid fast, your body quickly gets to the point where it needs to get energy by burning fat. 

But when your cells burn fat, they also release the toxins that stored in that fat, which then seep into your bloodstream.  At this point you are at an increased risk of serious damage to your tissues, organs, and systems--especially your brain and nervous system.

In addition, when you are existing on juice only, you likely aren't getting the nutrients to support your liver’s efforts. 

Plus with drinking liquids and not eating whole foods, chances are excellent you won't be getting the fiber you need to sweep out toxins. 

Detox supplements
Many detox supplements are designed to hunt down and pull massive amounts of toxins out of your body's tissues. 

But as this is taking place, your liver gets bombarded with toxins.  It has to work in overdrive to carry out its Phase I and II processes and eventually may not be able to keep up. 

That means the toxins can seep back into your bloodstream or be returned to your fat cells.

Plus even if the liver can keep up with the toxin overload, if you’re lacking fiber or your digestion is poor, you won’t be able to eliminate them all. 

Now, many detox supplements also contain a pill to make you “go.”

But unfortunately, many of these laxative-type products can induce diarrhea which can irritate the intestinal tract, leave you dehydrated and impair your nutrient absorption.

In addition, they can be particularly dangerous for people whose intestinal tracts are compromised, such as those with Celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis or diverticulitis, as well as people who have had gastric surgery, gastroparesis (a sluggish stomach) and the elderly.

Start with step one
Step one in any detox effort MUST be to eliminate the toxins from your environment to begin with.
And most times, the vast majority of your toxins come from your DIET.

That means that you can't exist on junk and think you're OK because you use cleanses.  You're only fooling yourself AND harming your body.

It doesn't happen overnight
Ours is an instant gratification society--and that also applies to cleansing and detoxing.

People expect immediate results, but cleansing and detoxing takes time.  You didn’t get toxic overnight, and you can’t detox overnight either.

Plus it's more involved than just using a cleanse or detox formula.

In addition to eliminating the sources of toxins, you also need to make sure your organs of elimination--especially the bowels and liver--are in tip-top shape and that your body has the nutrients and fiber it needs to carry out a safe, lasting detox.

A safer, natural detox
Whether or not you choose to use a cleanse or detox product is up to you; however, I suggest if you do so, you do it under the careful direction of a holistic practitioner.

Plus here are some safe, natural, very effective detox measures you can take to help make your body squeaky clean on the inside!

1)  Eat nutritious foods & keep digestion efficient
This is extremely important—your body must have the nutrients and fiber it needs to eliminate toxins. 

And the Great Taste No Pain health system can give you the guidance you need!

Great Taste No Pain teaches you the few simple principles of combining foods to support sound digestion and nutrient absorption. 

Not only will this help encourage regular bowel movements, but it can also help curb other digestive problems like acid reflux, gas and bloating. 

Plus the dishes in the recipe section are so delicious, you will fall in love with healthy, nutritious foods and happily say goodbye to toxic, chemical-loaded packaged foods for good.

2) Drink pure water
Water is essential for creating enough urine and keeping your bowels running smoothly.
Eight glasses a day should be your minimum

3) Consider Vitamins C and E and lipoic acid supplementation
Vitamin C protects your cells from free radicals and binds with toxic metals like lead, mercury and aluminum so your body can eliminate them.

Vitamin E protects your cells when toxins are "freed up" and become more dangerous.

And lipoic acid is especially supportive of your liver. 

Daily recommended doses are 500 - 1,000 mg. of Vitamin C, 200 - 1,200 IUs of Vitamin E and 400 - 600 mg. of lipoic acid each day.

4) Supplement with B12 if necessary
Vitamin B12 is crucial for proper functioning of your liver's detoxing process.

It’s also one of the most widely deficient nutrients, especially for people who have a typical modern diet or poor digestion.

But that can easily be turned around with Hydroxaden 2.5.

Hydroxaden 2.5 is a vitamin B12 spray that gives you a daily dose of B12 in the quality form of hydroxocobalamin.

Five sprays under your tongue each day give you the 2.5 mg. of B12 that is recommended by experts.  Sublingual B12 sprays have been shown to be very effective because they're directly
absorbed into the bloodstream, instead of risking poor absorption in the digestive tract.

Do all you can to eliminate toxins from your life and take safe, natural measures to keep your body clean on the inside!

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